Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Florida Legislature Pro-Fracking Bill--Please Call!

In the next Senate Committee (Appropriations) we need 10 NO votes on SB 318 (pro-fracking) to stop the bill. For the sake of our beautiful state and to maintain a safe water supply ... please call.
This bill will prevent local governments from banning fracking, doesn't include acid fracking, trusts rule making and enforcement to an understaffed state agency & commissions a study that doesn't address the affect of fracking on public health.
Please call Chair/Senator Tom Lee, who has the power to reject even bringing SB 318 before the committee. If you haven't called him already, please call today 866-583-2908, and ask him to not hear SB 318 in committee.
Please also call the other Senators in this order .... ask them to vote NO on SB 318
Senator Jack Latvala (R) - CALL: (850) 487-5020
Senator Jeremy Ring (D) - Represents Broward County and introduced bill to have referendum on fracking (not heard yet): CALL (850) 487-5029
Senator Denise Grimsley (R): Represents Martin County, St. Lucie, both counties have resolutions against fracking. She has been skeptical of fracking before. CALL (850) 487-5021
Senator Joe Negron (R): Next Senate President, Made Everglades Preservation Promises, 3 of 4 Counties in District have Resolutions (Martin, Palm Beach, St. Lucie) CALL (850) 487-5032
Senator Thad Altman (R) Has voted the wrong way in previous committees: CALL (850) 487-5016
Senator Don Gaetz (R) - Represents areas in Bay, Jackson, which have are resolution counties, Ebro also is a resolution city. CALL (850) 487-5001
Senator David Simmons (R) - Represents Seminole County CALL (850) 487-5010

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Upcoming Outings for Winter and Spring 2016

Upcoming Outings in 2016

March 5-9am-Hike   Join Turtle Coast Sierra Club for a 3 mile hike through the Malabar Scrub Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is part of the EELS program and is a classic example of Real Florida. We hope to see scrub jays, turtles and other critters. Call 321-432-4346 to reserve your spot and get the meeting location.

March 19th-9:30am-Kayaking
This is a lovely time of year for a leisurely paddle through Turkey Creek, we will be looking for gators, manatees, dolphin, turtles, otters and lots of birds. You may rent a canoe at the Palm Bay Marina nearby if you do not have your own boat. They fill up quickly so call them and reserve asap. Everyone must have a personal flotation device. Water, snacks and sunscreen are recommended. Call 321-266-2786 to reserve your spot and find out the meeting location. The outing will be approximately three hour duration.